Dear Fall 2017 CL&L Students

CL&L’s Fall 2017 8-week semester program features wide-ranging topics, both timely and timeless, with returning favorite teachers and new teachers too:

  • Topics in the news– challenges in the Mideast, US politics discussions and political science views, criminal justice, the educational system
  • Literature and the arts– novels and short stories, poetry, film, music
  • And more– historical figures, spirituality, emotional health

Students design their own curriculum, choosing as many courses as they wish each semester for just one fee. 

Great courses, great value, great location!

CL&L’s non-profit lifelong learning program brings together people who want to keep on learning in a friendly atmosphere with lively discussions.  Our all-volunteer faculty is a great mix of academics and other subject-matter experts.  Many have come for years, even decades – and welcome new students too!

And our classroom on E. 68th St. is more convenient than ever, with a 2nd Ave. subway stop nearby at 69th and 2nd.

Come see CL&L in action!  

  • Sunday Sept. 10 CL&L at the 3rd Ave. St. Fair 69-70thSts. 10am-5pm.
  • Thursday Sept. 14 Open House in our E. 68thSt. classroom.  RSVP online or by phone 212-644-3320 (address given to attendees).
  • Sept. 26-28 One day free classes that week for first-time students

Any questions about CL&L?  We’re happy to answer online or by phone 212-644-3320.

Hope to see you soon, Judy Langer, Executive Director