Dear Winter 2018 CL&L Students

Dear fellow CL&L student,

Looking to chill out this winter?  We’ve got a new semester program to warm your heart with a wide variety of subjects, starting January 9. You’ll find an outstanding all-volunteer faculty of academics and experts with discussion-provoking and insightful talks.  Favorite teachers return and new speakers join us.

Here’s a brief look at our program –

  • Timely topics: politics in the Trump era, the US Founders on the branches of government, healthcare now/in the future, estate/healthcare planning, income inequality, the 9/11 Memorial Museum
  • The arts: poetry for pleasure, great short stories, Márquez’s shorter fiction, women in film and fiction, MoMA educator, drawing outside the lines, how theater professionals work, Charles Dickens’ relevance
  • NYC: improving a neighborhood, Brooklyn historic/hip, Central Park nature
  • About you: emotional health, spirituality, staying fit, creating a legacy letter, discovering a heritage

Some special highlights:

  • Magee Hickey is back to “show and tell” on newsmakers and musicmakers
  • Ronnie Eldridge, renowned NYC politician, in conversation with Rita Satz
  • JR Harris on his new memoir “Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker”

Design your own curriculum – choose as many classes as you want all for just one fee.  No other program in the city offers this scope and quality of classes at such an affordable price.

Our full course schedule and a registration form are enclosed.  Register online at or return your completed form with your check to CL&L, P.O. Box 125, New York, NY 10044.

CL&L students love our friendly atmosphere and lively discussions.  Share the pleasures of learning by inviting your friends to join you!  First-time students can sample a full day during the first week of classes at no cost.

Looking forward to seeing        you soon,

Judy Langer, Executive Director