Who We Are

The Center for Learning and Living, Inc.

A Special Lifelong Learning Program

For People Who Want to Keep on Learning

The Center for Learning and Living is a non-profit lifelong learning organization offering weekday daytime classes on a wide range of subjects. Since our founding at Marymount Manhattan College in 1994, our students have enjoyed intellectual stimulation in a lively, informal atmosphere. All our teachers are volunteers, a combination of retired academics and experts in the business world, the arts and other fields.  Our board members also serve as volunteers.

CL&L students are people who love to learn and are involved in the world around them. A mix of retired and semi-retired people, they share a desire to understand and an eagerness to discuss ideas. Many have been coming since CL&L’s Marymount days, signing up for multiple courses each semester. Teachers and students get to know one another well. While a group goes back for years, everyone welcomes newcomers.

Our classes are offered year-round — 8 weeks in the fall, winter and spring, and 4 weeks in the summer. There are 3 classes a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in the morning and afternoon. Whether an interactive or lecture format, all classes invite student participation.

Students can take an unlimited number of classes each semester for one affordable fee.

What Makes CL&L Special

Friendly, informal, welcoming atmosphere

Engaged/participatory classes

Affordable price

All-volunteer faculty and board, committed to CL&L’s mission

Courses taught by academics and other qualified experts